Benefits of Switching to Cloud Computing Services: feature article by Celerity


The move to digital channels is happening across almost all departments and organisations, and with the move brings new challenges. These can be explosive data growth, security threats that cannot be seen and the efficient management of information assets.


However, there are many benefits to switching. Moving to cloud based services means a great cut in IT costs, as the high cost of hardware is no longer necessary. A business exists to earn money, whilst keeping expenses to a minimum, and as cloud computing is a modular service based upon consumption, switching allows businesses to benefit financially.


Cloud based services also provide flexibility and so are ideal for businesses with growing bandwidth demands. If a business’s needs increase, it’s easy to ramp up the cloud capacity and likewise to scale down again.


Cloud services are the most secure way to handle data as they are safeguarded, so if a device is lost or broken, everything is still guaranteed to be available. Data can also be controlled remotely, meaning that should it fall in to the wrong hands, this can be easily undone and remain fully protected.


“Cloud computing holds much promise particularly for small to medium businesses” commented Chris Roche – Managing Director of cloud and data technology specialist, Celerity. ”It drives innovation in the way an organisation delivers IT services, supports secure collaboration, service delivery and provides the ability to distribute, use and protect applications and data for the organisation. With this abundance of benefits however, we have also experienced that many organisations that have embraced the change are now finding that supporting internal solutions and services are creating additional financial and personnel burdens on already constrained budgets and resources.”


Celerity Intuition and Custodian services address these common issues by providing resilient, cost effective, managed and cloud services. Regardless of what stage your business is at with regards to cloud computing, finding the right partner to manage and protect your most valuable asset ‘your data’ is imperative to ensure that the right technology is aligned to your business strategy and core objectives at all times.


An established business, founded back in 2002, Celerity’s proven secure data protection and security services bridge the gap between customer and IT vendors, providing access to best of breed services via cloud, managed and traditional routes. With a firm focus on delivering results, Celerity today handles and secures highly sensitive data for a wide variety of public and commercial sectors, including government and defence, NHS, finance and utilities. An experienced team listens to a customer’s specific requirements and will deliver recommendations that proactively provide the best possible solution in terms of security, efficiency and cost for any business.


With a dedicated account management team on hand who are always ready to listen and provide monthly reports demonstrating system performance, recommendations and adherence to service level agreements; Celerity offers everything from an external skills resource and hands-on project implementation and delivery to remote technical support, service desk function and unified monitoring capability.

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