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Just like you will service your car on a regular basis, it is equally important to service and maintain your Health and Safety Management Systems just to make sure that they are current and still fit for their intended purpose.

Health and Safety Policy ( for those of you who have 5 or more Employees)-as a minimum the Directors should remind themselves of what it is that have committed to do in respect to providing resource and assistance and support to deliver the business Health and safety objectives very much at the forefront of the business decisions that they make.

Risk assessments– the back bone of any health and safety management system is of course our risk assessments.

If we do not know or appreciate our hazards ( things with the potential to cause harm) then we will be unable to identify any corresponding risks, i.e. the probability, and the impact that the hazard could cause if uncontrolled or unrecognised.

Without good risk assessments it is impossible to develop our safe systems of work/ procedures which are fundamental to controlling hazards and keeping our employees safe. It should also be pointed out that it  is a legal requirement to review risk assessments every 12 months as a matter of course. Remember a Health and Safety Management system is based on the following principles:-


Plan-Set Health and Safety Goals and objectives. Establish Health and Safety arrangements to control work activities, provide adequate resource with defined roles and responsibilities to achieve the stated goals and objectives.

Do-Implement the Health and Safety Management System.

Check– Regularly monitor the system to ensure it is both being applied and that it is effective at controlling hazards. The more complex your organisation and where you have many hazards checking should be carried out frequently—weekly possibly? Or monthly.

Act-Review the ongoing effectiveness and where necessary make changes

As ever I am only too happy to assist, or advice or to visit to help you with this process. Our service is to support your businesses achieve its Health and Safety obligations. We will provide telephone and e-mail advice as and when you require it. As needs dictate and on your request we will visit you and give further detailed and specific advice.

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