Planning for the longest Holiday of Your Life : by NWFS


What’s the difference between an Old Age Pensioner and a Retired Lady/Gentleman?


Retirement planning has often been described as planning for the longest holiday of your life, and it has two distinct stages:

  • The accumulation phase: A period when you will build up and grow your assets throughout your working
  • The decumulation phase: The time you start to use those assets to provide capital for large expenditure, and income to replace earnings, whether that be full or semi-retirement.


A personal plan for your perfect retirement

There are several ways of funding a happy retirement. Traditional private and workplace pension plans, building up a property portfolio, selling of a business or a mixture of all.

Whichever method you choose, professional planning is essential to ensure you have a sufficient level of income to provide for your essential and non-essential expenses, and ideally have surplus funds for holidays and some luxuries in retirement.

Our advisers will work with you, to help you plan and build up the funds you need to provide for you when you retire. The starting point is to discuss the retirement lifestyle you want, and the level of income you require to achieve your goals. Then, whilst taking account of your existing plans we can recommend an appropriate solution for you, which should be reviewed on a regularly to ensure it remains on target.

Peace of mind income for your entire retirement

It is not uncommon for someone who stops working today to live for another thirty years. Careful planning is crucial to ensure that your assets will provide for you the longest holiday of your life, with any remaining assets being passed to your beneficiaries.

….. and the difference between an old age pensioner and a retired lady/gentleman is? … Well there is no difference! It’s just the image it conjures up in your mind.


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