We’re Adding Value to our Service & Your Business

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LEFT: Ian Harrison RIGHT: Brian Lambert
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LEFT: Jim Baker RIGHT James Bassett

At Rawcliffe & Co we believe that customer satisfaction is central to quality and take a proactive approach to delivering service excellence to every individual client and business.

Bridging services between clients in order to support their businesses is an approach we have taken for a number of years and the most recent example of this was through introductions made via Jim Baker, our Business Development Manager. Jim had brought in two new clients; namely James Bassett of Polymath Training and Consultancy and Brian Lambert of Compass Health and Safety Consultants. Believing the two Businesses could deliver added value to their own clients through collaboration- introductions were made…


Brian Lambert:


“Compass Health and safety consultants was formed in April 2002. It seemed an ideal means to use my extensive industry experience and Management know how to help Businesses work with a greater appreciation and value of health and safety.

We originally started in the first year with 6 clients, and have grown our business  year or year, and can now boast Rolls-Royce as one of our Clients.

Although we have our core specialities such as Chemical process manufacturing, and construction, I realised that there were areas of health and safety that we could not provide, and so Jim Baker arranged a meeting with James Bassett from Polymath, and we realised that there was an opportunity to further complement our services.

Anyone going to our web site will now see a tab which is headed social care, and that will then provide details on all of the services that James can provide.”


James Bassett


“I started my own business with Polymath Training and Consultancy as it has always been my ambition to run my own company. I also wanted to provide a service for companies that builds relationships for the long-term benefits and not for short term gains. We provide training and consultancy predominantly to health and social care organisations. Such training includes safeguarding, medication, first aid, moving and handling as well as many more.

This links into my involvement with Brian from Compass Health & Safety. Our aim is to build a mutually beneficial working relationship where together we can provide the clients with the training and consultancy they require. We want to utilise both our backgrounds to improve each other’s practice and deliver the best quality service that we can.”


Rawcliffe’s strives to provide more than just excellence in accountancy by understanding and appreciating our clients’ business and personal aspirations. We are a very commercially minded practice and work with our clients as advisers wherever possible. Rawcliffe & Co maintains a fantastic network of fellow professionals that we have built over our many decades in business which enables to assist our clients in all aspects of their businesses.

Beginning in 2014 we saw an opportunity to better service our clients’ Financial needs and partnered with other Financial services professionals to create the North West Group, which  consists of North West Auto Enrolment, North West Financial Solutions [Independent Financial Advice] & North West Commercial Solutions [Commercial Lending Brokerage]. The premise is to facilitate a range of services that Rawcliffe could not provide as an accountancy firm alone, but we are now proud to call ourselves a one stop shop in all matters financial for businesses and individuals alike.


Brian Lambert:


“I feel that Ian and Joe are progressive and proactive in providing ongoing accountancy support and advice, which is ultimately to the clients benefit and best interest.”


James Bassett


“I chose Rawcliffe’s off a recommendation from Jim, whom I was referred to by another individual I do work with. After meeting with Ian I was impressed by his professionalism and willingness to help me even before choosing his firm as my accountants. This gesture endeared me to Ian and Jim initially but I was impressed with Rawcliffe’s approach to referrals and introducing clients to one another that made them my first choice. Knowing that not only will I get great service on my accounts but also promotion to other companies who may require my skill set is invaluable.”