Tax Investigation Protection


Any UK taxpayer or business can be selected for an enquiry and it can cost thousands of pounds in professional fees to successfully defend your case. With HMRC committed to reaching its target of recovering £27 billion, and with 46% of its staff dedicated to enforcement and compliance, we believe that compliance activity is a real threat.


Subscribing to the tax investigations package ensures that we will do all the following for you:


  • Handle all meetings and correspondence with the Tax Inspector.
  • Negotiate on you behalf to make certain that you pay the right amount of tax.
  • Take responsibility for ensuring that you are treated fairly by HMRC.
  • Give you complete peace of mind that professional costs of your defence are covered.

Tax investigations can happen to anyone, at random, whether you are an individual or in business. HMRC is becoming more sophisticated in its approach to recovering additional tax . With the details held withi its enterprise Data Hub, it has amassed more facts and figures about taxpayers’ financial activity- it already hold more information than the British Library. This enables it to be increasingly targeted in its selection of those it chooses for investigation.


The Rawcliffe & Co Investigation Service covers the cost of fees we incur when we defend a client who is under investigation by HMRC in respect of any of the following events:


  • Self -Assessment Full & Aspect Enquiries
  • Corporation Tax Self-Assessment Full and Aspect Enquiries
  • IR35 Enquiries
  • Real Time Infomation Compliance Checks
  • Business & records Checks
  • VAT Complance Visits

This cover also includes a free business legal helpline.

This service is fully backed by an Insurance Policy taken out with Abbey Tax Protection, however Terms and Conditions Apply. If you wish to join this scheme please get in touch.