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Get on top of your credit control with our 2 month free Chaser trial


Here at Rawcliffe’s, we only use the best of breed apps to deliver our clients the solutions they need.

Chaser is one such app – cloud credit control software to get your invoices paid sooner. Chaser automates chasing unpaid invoices via email, without losing the human touch. Its very user friendly, easy to implement and we’re confident you will see instant results in debt recovery and time spent on credit control. We’re really impressed with this multi-award winning App and have adopted it ourselves. We’ve also become a Certified Partner which means we can offer our clients Chaser’s Enterprise package at a fraction of the normal price.

Who is Chaser for?

In a nutshell, anyone who sells on payment terms. If this applies to you then its likely you’ve come up against late payments and experienced frustratingly poor return on credit control efforts. Even businesses with top-performing credit control functions can be overwhelmed with the resource spend required to maintain them (or the stress this can bring on).

With Chaser you will benefit from reliable and standardised invoice chasing, and a cloud-based CRM which any team member can access before making a call. You can also gain insights into team and customer performance using reporting tools.

Automating credit control allows you to collect overdue invoices more effectively. With Chaser, on average people are paid 16 days earlier, equating to an average cash flow boost of £4,400 for every £100,000 of turnover.

Chaser is the perfect virtual credit control employee. Automating invoice chasing will allow you to focus on other roles, while the CRM functionality gives a clear insight into when you might need to step in. Using Chaser’s CRM and automated invoice chasing can allow you to save on average- 7.3 hours per week.

 As a certified Chaser Partner we are able to offer all of our clients a 2 month free trial of the Enterprise Package which includes:
  • Unlimited invoices chased per month
  • Unlimited users
  • Escalated senders
  • Unlimited templates
  • Unlimited schedules
After the end of your free chaser trial the monthly fee is £30 to continue on the Enterprise Package (normally £225 per month).



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How does Chaser Work?

  • Create custom email templates (unlimited) to your personal style. Placeholders will show Chaser where to insert specific invoice or customer information.
  • Set your templates to be sent out as email chasers at different points before and after an invoice’s due date.
  • Choose which days of the week and what time your email chasers will be sent out. Align this with when you do your bank reconciliation to avoid chasing invoices that have already been paid.
  • Integrate Chaser with your bookkeeping system so its always up to date.
  • Escalate your chasing to up the ante on late payers.


Watch the video to find out about even more of Chaser’s features..