Our Tips on How to Grow Your Business

adminĀ  recently published a great Blog Post entitled 7 tips to help grow your business. The headings included..

1. Hiring a skilled and diverse workforce
2. Opting for the cloud
3. Using the right business management software
4. Boosting cashflow
5. Good planning
6. Talking with customers
7. Getting online

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In addition to this we believe that in order to grow your business effectively getting the right finance is crucial. The bank is good starting point but they are not the only option to fund your growth, also consider:-

  • Grants from public sector bodies that are on offer in more deprived areas to create employment
  • Grants from business support organisationsĀ  -the carbon trust energy efficiency loan is a good example
  • Private investors (business angels) may offer funding in return for a shareholding
  • Crowd funding or peer to peer lending is another way to raise finance
  • Asset finance companies may buy your equipment and lease it back to you
  • Invoice financing companies may provide funding on your debtor book value


If you would like any advice regarding Finance for your Business get in touch and we will help you talk to the right people and get the support that you need.