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Managing employees who have a side hustle


25% of employees in the UK are running at least one business project alongside their day job. Also know as a side hustle. 

A side hustle is defined as a secondary business or job that brings side hustlein, or has potential to bring in, extra income. It is particularly popular among millennials, who tend to start it as a hobby or a new challenge. Millennials tend to have different attitudes towards work and technology. They are used to being able to work from anywhere, using a smartphone or a tablet.

Various studies have shown that employees who have a side hustle report feeling happier and more content. However businesses / employers seem to view it as a negative distraction from their employee’s day jobs.

The truth is that many of the best employees have a side hustle and employers need to be more supportive.

side hustleIt can actually be a good thing as long as it doesn’t involve doing anything that might damage the main employer’s business.

Employees can learn new and useful skills from running their own side hustle.  They can gain real-life experience of customer service, project management or budgeting. This can then be applied when they are working their day job. From an employer’s perspective, their employees are gaining new skills that can make them better at their jobs. The employer doesn’t have to pay for any training.

Research has found that employees who side hustle are more likely to be innovative, proactive, and organised.

They are also more likely to come up with new ideas, which they have gained through their own new experiences.

A survey from a well-known careers website recently revealed that over 70% of employees with a side hustle want to remain in full time employment. They don’t want their other project to become their full time job, as it’s more of a hobby / passion that just happens to create an income.

It seems that the side hustle is here to stay and employers need to shift their view and see it as a positive thing. However, employers should consider adding a non-compete clause to contracts just to ensure that there is no temptation for employees do other work that could damage the employer’s business. 

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