The Rawcliffe E-Magazine Archive 2020


Our E-Magazine aims to keep our subscribers informed with changes to tax legislation- important tax dates and deadlines, HELP SHEETS on managing your personal finances, business news & opinion, as well as updates on what’s happening at Rawcliffe’s. 

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August 2020: Details on Hospitality VAT Reduction | Capital Gains Tax and more…

July 2020: 📢Your free summary of the Chancellor’s announcements r.e Economic Recovery & the latest Tax News.

June 2020: 🚗 Can we furlough the company car? | P11d forms due 6th of July | We’ve opened a new office in Poulton  🏫

May 2020: Tax News: High-income child benefit charge | Changes to CGT private residence relief

April 2020: ❗1st APRIL UPDATES: Furloughing Directors/Employees

March 2020: Coronavirus & the Budget 📢 | Have you used your Allowances?

February 2020:📢 Budget Day Announced | Changes to Paying CGT | Off-Payroll Working Rules

January 2020: Advisory fuel rates | Tax on dividends | New Year- Save tax


December 2019: 🎄Rawcliffe E Mag: Election Tax Proposals | Win a £30 voucher for Xmas🎁

November 2019: Directors Loans | Chancellor’s Budget 🎒 | A Very Special Announcement 📢

October 2019: 💳Tax on Dividends | 💰Brexit Grants |🚗Advisory Fuel Rates & more…

September 2019: VAT Penalties | Government U-Turn on Pension Tax | Commercial Vehicles 

August 2019: Changes to Capital Gains Tax & Inheritance Tax | Off Payroll Working Rules Going Ahead

July 2019: Fuel Rate for Company Cars | Tax Free Childcare | New VAT Rules

June 2019: Reporting shares to staff | Child benefit charge

May 2019: Chaser 2 month free trial | Extracting Profit | Tax Planning  

April 2019: MTD for VAT has begun | Tax News | Brexit Checklist

March 2019: Tax News | New Business Kit | Rawcliffe’s Gold Status 

February 2019: CGT Entrepreneurs’ Relief| No Deal Brexit, Customs & VAT | Corporation Tax Relief

January 2019: Tax Planning in 2019 | Advisory Fuel Rates | SA Deadline & more