Clip n Climb Blackpoo

Team Raw-Cliffhanger


On Friday the 21st of September, 10 intrepid Rawcliffers [and some of their children] set out to conquer a series of vertical rock faces and dizzying heights. We literally went across the road to Clip n Climb Blackpool and before you say anything- noooooooo it’s not just for kids. Big kids maybe, which is why we had so much fun.


Ian and Joe had the mother of all competitions with each other on the timed wall- racing to the top and hitting the button. When they weren’t racing each other they were racing everybody else. Their opponents often unaware of having entered a competition when they began their climb.



The children seemed most at ease with this game, nonchalantly gliding to the ground from 30 ft in the air as the grownups watched on with envy. Knuckles white from gripping the wall as we tried to climb back down. Just let go??? Are you MAD!? 


A few of us had fun tentatively climbing the green pipes. On summitting each of us were left to ponder our own stupidity and the insanity of just stepping off.


Only one Rawcliffer was brave/crazy enough to take on the vertical drop slide…

…The maverick of Whitehills himself- Joe Tantram.

Oh and how glad we are that he did. For our lives have been forever enriched by the joy of these photos; immortalised by this blog and the various social media platforms they have been posted on. Joseph we salute you.


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More photos by Andrew Mellor Photography